Extensive Semitic Presence Documented in Pre Columbian America

The reader may be surprised that this has already been documented by many historians. Cyrus Gordon was a highly regarded archeologist and historian of modern times. A issue of the magazine, Biblical Archeologist, contained several articles devoted to his career and his many accomplishments. This is reflected in the Timaeus of Plato, which tells of an It is futile to This continent — which Plato mentions without more ado because it was well known to his reading public — can only be America.

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Mejia, 5 leagues below Isleta. San Bautista, on the Rio Grande, 16 miles below Sevilleta. All the above pueblos not definitely located were probably situated in the Salinas in the vicinity of Abo.

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Jack Cuozzo click to enlarge. It was taken by the author in Bernifal Cave, one of the caverns in France that is renowned for Neanderthal art. Mammoth drawings are not unusual in such cave art, but the depiction of an apparent theropod dinosaur is remarkable. In BC, under the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, a Babylonian artist was commissioned to shape reliefs of animals on the structures associated with the Ishtar Gate.

Many centuries later German archaeologist Robert Koldewey stumbled upon the blue-glazed brick and that gate was rediscovered in The animals appear in alternating rows with lions, fierce bulls rimi or reems in Chaldean , and curious long-necked dragons sirrush. The lions and bulls would have been present at that time in the Middle East.

But, on what creature did the ancient Babylonians model the dragon? The same word, sirrush, is mentioned in the book of Bel and the Dragon, from the Apocrypha.

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Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Alamogordo – cemetery and canyon road – many people and especially the older residents of Alamogordo have claimed to have seen a woman dressed in white in the cemetery late at night and also along and up canyon road as far as the scenic extension floating, and always at night. What she is looking for and why she is there is unsure. People who work there claim they see and hear doors open, hear footsteps, and occasionally see a young male dressed in an old style suit from about 90 years ago.

No bad vibes are usually felt in these offices, unless you make noises like running or moving furniture. Alamogordo – Washington Park – A while back in the day there was a shoot out at this park “Washington Park”.

Ancient Dinosaur Depictions. To the right is a picture of what appears to be a bipedal dinosaur with small arms in head-to-head combat with a mammoth from the book Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo (click to enlarge). It was taken by the author in Bernifal Cave, one of .

It is with great pleasure that I offer this photo gallery to visitors to this website. It’s existence offers mute evidence to the fact that ancient Old World civilizations not only explored but settled in ancient North America millennia before the arrival of Columbus. It is not only one of the most important ancient artifacts in North America, but also one of the least known and under-appreciated artifacts as well.

This artifact needs to receive much more attention if the truth about North America’s past is ever to be reconstructed accurately. The photos of this artifact displayed at this website have been provided by and are used with the permission of Mr. The New Mexico Epigraphic Society has been tireless in its efforts to locate and preserve vital ancient artifacts and inscriptions which attest to the true history of ancient North America.

Those wishing to utilize or copy any of these proprietary photos for any purpose should contact Mr. Jones for permission to do so. Please direct inquiries to: Description of the Photos: The main inscription is found on a large rock slab, and it proclaims the Ten Commandments in ancient Paleo-Hebrew characters.

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The stone was first translated by Dr. Robert Pfeiffer of Harvard in and was confirmed to be a slightly truncated form of the Ten Commandments. Initially, I suspected a forgery however my subsequent research revealed ample evidence of Semitic influence in pre Columbian America.

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I specialize in work as a wedding photographer , portrait photographer , and commercial product photographer. I’m also well-known as an event photographer. Adjectives commonly used to describe my images include fun, quirky, and candid.

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Hundreds of people have searched for Adam’s gold since This two-part series presents the story of the Lost Adams Diggings and the close involvement with Socorro and Catron Counties. It is not a fictional story. The known survivors touted pretty much the same account. They also had gold in their pockets to prove at least some of their claims.

They tried for years to find the hidden canyon full of placer gold to no avail. Many of the searches began in Reserve, Quemado, Magdalena or Socorro. Forty years after Dobie’s death, his book is still in print, still selling about 2, copies every year to new enthusiasts. In preparing for this article, I have run into no less than five people actively searching for Adam’s Diggings.

Adams’ hidden canyon is out there somewhere, most likely in Socorro or Catron counties. The main clues to the story are given below. Grab your map of New Mexico, or the one accompanying this article, and follow along. Where do you end up for the Lost Adams Diggings? After some bad luck on the trail, losing his pack train to Apaches, he arrived with 12 horses at the Pima Indian village of Sacaton, telling his story to a cantina filled with desperados and prospectors.

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You’re an archaeologist minding your own business in New Mexico when a guy comes up and tells you he’s got something to show you. Once you check to make sure he’s wearing pants and double check to make sure you’ve got a gun, you follow him to this town outside Albuquerque called Los Lunas. And there he shows you a ton rock inscribed with ancient writing. No big deal, right? Everyone knows Native Americans have lived in the area since at least the s, it’s only natural they’d scratch some graffiti up every now and then.

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Discovery[ edit ] The Decalogue The first of these artifacts, popularly known as the Keystone due to its shape, was excavated in June Unlike other ancient artifacts found previously in this region, the Keystone was inscribed with Hebrew. Holy of Holies The Law of God The Word of God The second find came later in November when Wyrick and his excavation team came across a sandstone box which contained a small, black rock within it.

The inscription begins on the front at the top of an arch above the figure of a bearded man who is wearing a turban, robe, and appears to be holding a tablet. It runs down the left side, continues around all sides, and makes its way back to the front up the right side to where it began. This pattern indicates that the inscription was meant to be read repetitively. Right above the figure of the man is a separate inscription which translates to ” Moses “.

Since the platform had been made from an approximately 2-foot diameter oak tree, the burial itself could have been several decades later than this tree growth. These dates are consistent with the Hopewell culture that would have constructed the mound. The idea that there is a connection between the ancient Hopewell mound builders and Jewish settlers that were in the Americas before Columbus is considered, by some, to be a form of pseudoarchaeology.

The first stone to be found was written in modern Hebrew.

5 Baffling Discoveries That Prove History Books Are Wrong

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The London Artifact is a nineteenth-century geologist’s hammer wrongly presented as evidence for Noah’s flood.

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New Mexico extract from John Reed Swanton’s The Indian Tribes of North America. WELCOME You’ve come in the “back door” to the deep files area of the Northern Plains Archive Project web site.

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Hebrew Language/Culture in N. America at 8 Sites!

It has been named Phoenician Rock or the Commandment Stone. It is called today Inscription rock. The strange chiseled characters on the volcanic basalt rock were undecipherable by America’s early European settlers and to the “native” Indians. Hence, the mountain’s name – Mystery. The local residents had been made aware, by the Indians, of the unusual inscription as early as the year

In his book “Los Lunas Mystery Stone” Dr Donald N. Yates explains that these and numerous other finds suggesting a transoceanic contact predating Columbus are largely ignored due to dogma.

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Plate taken Corporal Aaron Frost responded to Crown Drive for a report of the theft of a motor vehicle license plate. The victim reported someone had removed the plate from her car the previous evening. Tools gone Officer Glenn Koshinski responded to a report of the theft of an airless painter and air compressor in the block of Embdy Road Sept. The victim reported someone had entered the residence and taken the items the previous evening or that morning.

Los Lunas Rock

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